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© Kappest/Vulkanregion Laacher See

Ahr Valley, Rhineland-Palatinate



Idyllic Brohltal near Andernach boasts wonderful scenery and unbelievable sweeping views, from steep volcanic craters and dense sloping forests to gentle pastures.

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Welcome to Brohltal

Hohenleimbach - Lederbach - Kempenich - Engeln - Niederdürenbach Hain - Oberzissen - Niederzissen - Vinxtbachtal: Waldorf - Bad Breisig - Brohl (green route) or Niederzissen - Brohltal: Burgbrohl - Brohl (yellow route)

Discover the Brohl Valley ...

The 32 km long cycle path leads from Burgbrohl to Hohenleimbach and is consistently signposted with green letters on a white background.
In addition, there is a route pictogram that specifically points out the Brohl Valley Cycle Path.

We recommend a tour in combination with the Vulkan-Express.
This runs from Brohl to Engeln and allows you to take your bike with you free of charge.
Arrived in Engeln, it goes wonderfully downhill again to the Rhine.

Bike tour Engeln - Brohl
From Engeln train station, go up to Engeln, continue straight on until you reach a height where you turn right and follow the sign “Buchhöfe”.
After 200m, turn onto a paved path that leads straight to the forest, which leads downhill towards the grove.
At the branch in the road at the entrance to the village, turn right into Sonnenstraße, at the first branch in the road keep right and at the next crossroads keep right and continue straight on at the next crossroads to K 51.
Now right down the mountain to the town entrance of Oberzissen right the ring road branches off.
After 1 km, turn left at the crossroads, cross under the railway bridge and follow Bachstraße downhill to the end.
Now go left, following the signs to the Brohltalhalle.
After 1km turn left onto Arweg, which leads into Niederzissen, turn right and pass the tourist information office.
300m further on, follow Mittelstrasse at the branch in the road, then turn into Horststrasse behind the church, which makes a left bend after 200m and finally ends at the B412.
Turn right here and cross the street opposite the gas station and follow the driveway to the train station half-left.

There are two options for continuing to Brohl / Rhein:

Continue through the Vinxtbach valley
The almost exclusively downhill Vinxtbachtal route begins with a 600m long ascent.
From Niederzissen train station, cross the parking lot to the other side of the tracks.
At the intersection, turn left onto the street and after 800m turn left onto the dirt road.
After 1km it goes under the motorway and on the gravel road down to the L82.
If you turn left, it is another 250m until you get to the center of Waldorf on Königsfelder Straße, and the main road through the village on the right.
The L87 continues to Gönnersdorf, from where another 4km to Bad Breisig have to be contested.
From there you drive along the Rhine to Brohl.

Continue through the Brohl valley
From Niederzissen train station, cross the parking lot to the other side of the tracks.
After 100m, a gravel path branches off to the right with Geisbergstraße, which runs next to the railway line.
After almost 1.5km you have to turn left onto the B412.
After 600m, at the bus stop opposite the house Brohltalstraße 243, turn right over the tracks.
Now follow the main road in the hamlet of Weiler.
Continue right into Jahnstraße which leads over a mountain and ends after 700m at Bachstraße. After 600m, at the crossroads, go left steeply down the mountain.
When you reach the main street, you have to turn right into Kirchstraße, which leads down to Brohltalstraße.
On the other side, a bit is driven up the slope and then the tracks are crossed.
On the right, Lindenstrasse leads past Burgbrohl train station, until a bridge is crossed under on the right at the end.
Now you have to drive left to Brohl on the B412.

Source: DataHub Rheinland-Pfalz

Blick auf die Burg Olbrück

© Kappest/Vulkanregion Laacher See

Blick auf die Burg Olbrück
Am Rodder Maar

© Kappest/Vulkanregion Laacher See

Am Rodder Maar

© Kappest/Vulkanregion Laacher See


© Kappest/Vulkanregion Laacher See


© Vulkanregion Laacher See/Kappest


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