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Moselle Valley, Rhineland-Palatinate

Villa Rustica Mehring

Roman history

No voyage of discovery into the Roman past of the Trier region would be complete without seeing the Villa Rustica in the Moselle village of Mehring.

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Welcome to Villa Rustica Mehring

In the middle of Mehring stands a partially reconstructed Roman farm estate. As rustic as it appears today, it was once one of the larger, magnificent estates in the Trier region. The walls, naturally, were plastered and it was furnished with all kinds of beautiful decorations. There were wall paintings and mosaics, and one can only marvel at the material used for them. For example, green diorite from the imperial quarries in Upper Egypt, which was also found in the vestibule of Constantine’s Basilica in Trier. What kind of landowners were they? And then there was the fine dining culture! People drank from small bronze cups and ate from dark blue plates decorated with golden vines. A silver toothpick ear-spoon was for personal hygiene afterwards. The baths had their own water conduit, which still feeds the village fountain. Unfortunately, it is not open to the public. But take a trip to Pölich. There you will find a very similar Roman conduit, some of which you can even walk through.

A station on the Roads of the Roman.

Source: DataHub Rheinland-Pfalz

Römische Villa Rustica ARGO

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Römische Villa Rustica ARGO

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